Getting started!


Calender setings

If You chose to control CallCare by Outlook or Google Calendar (this requires the paid version of CallCare and of course that you have an Outlook or Google account), which we recommend, then You need to sync your local calendar app in your smart phone with the one you have chosen (Outlook or Google Calendar).

This is usually done by starting the Calender app and then press the menu button on your phone and chose Settings -> (scroll down to bottom) Sync. settings -> Calender sync (Figure 1) -> Manage accounts (Figure 2).



Figure 1

              Figure 1.  

Figure 2

              Figure 2.


You also need to check that Background data and Auto-sync is turned on in the same view (Settings -> Sync. settings -> Calender sync -> General sync settings - Figure 2), Further instructions for this You probably found on the web as it depends on which phone, Android version etc. you have. After that it is just to put in Appointments, meetings etc. in the chosen calender and CallCare will automatically silence your phone during them (if that is what you have decided in the settings for the actual profile).


Basic setings

In the settings tab (Figure 3) if you press "Profiles Settings", you can view the settings of the different profiles (Figure 4) and decide what each profile will have as an automatic message that will be sent when someone calls you (Figure 5). You will also make the decision if you want the profile to have sound or vibrations. And now you are ready to go!


Settings Tab

              Figure 3.  

Profile Info

              Figure 4.  

Set profile message

              Figure 5.


In the status tab which is the first screen when you started the call care app you will be able to choose from the four different status profiles depending on what your hold up is. This you do by pressing the spinner button in the "Set Profile" frame (Figure 6).
Choose the one that fits you best at the moment (Figure 7 and 8) and the app will be active, if you are afraid that you will forget to turn of the app just use the timer and it will be deactivated as soon as it reaches the set time.


Status tab

              Figure 6.

Profile view

              Figure 7.

Chose profile

              Figure 8.

Set Timer

              Figure 9.





Also on the status tab you might notice a box, in the "Set Status" frame, that you can type in, this is not the message that will be sent as an automatic sms. This message will be seen by all other app users in your contact list to help you see what people are doing at the moment, this will make sure that you can notify people that you are busy even before they call. 

Under that box you have a button that says “Add Appointment” (Figure 6) and is connected with your calendar.
Add an appointment on the calendar and the app will be active through the meeting and stop when the meeting is over (this feature is only available in the paid version).

In the remaining tabs you can view "Recent" calls (Figure 10), where you can chose "Missed" or "All" and "Contacts" (Figure 11), where you can chose between "App Users" (view their status) and "All".



              Figure 10.


              Figure 11.